Case Studies

Fleur d' Orleans

This project started as a consulting gig. The client had an eCommerce website built on an open source platform that was no longer supported. The site still functioned, but problems were creeping into the template—images stopped appearing and some of the front end capabilities no longer worked. They knew they had to make a move, but they had no idea where to start.

After being turned down by a few developers who didn't want to deal with migrating the old content, they came to us for direction. We learned about their workflow, their resources and their future business plans. We presented them with a few options for moving forward, highlighting the pros and cons of each option. We had a final meeting to review the options and we made a recommendation on a final decision. 

Now that they had a carefully crafted plan to move forward, they needed someone to execute the plan. As consultants, I Design recommended the best course of action for Fleur d' Orleans, not for I Design. We could have steered them towards a much more expensive site with features requiring residual financial commitments. But that's not what we do. Our "what's best for the client" approach is what we do on every website project we're lucky enough to be considered for.

We had built up considerable trust, and ultimately, they hired us. We migrated all of their product, customer, and order data and built their new website. It's a website built with a well executed plan that will pay dividends now and well into the future.

Fleur d Orleans website

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