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My favorite job of 2021

All the ingredients combined to make a great finished product 

In March 2021, Josh Perque contacted me about doing a logo. I was super busy trying to launch a new business, but Josh was persistent about hiring me to create a logo for a podcast he had started with his long-time friend, Paul Ledet. I told him I needed a day to think about it, and I reluctantly decided to take the job. I'm glad I did. Even though I had to work nights and a weekend to get it done, it turned out great and it was my favorite job of 2021.

The pros of taking on the job were numerous:

  • I'd worked with Josh before and he's a great client. He provided a vision of what he wanted, but gave me a lot of creative leeway in the design. His vision was not typical like other client's — it was as cool as The Wasted Hour's hosts.
  • Wasted Hour whisky bottleThe logo would have to be versatile. It would have to be formatted to be used in merchandise including hats and shirts. In addition to the color version, it also needed to have a one color version for specific applications, like etching into a whisky bottle.
  • The job presented unique challenges. Overcoming each challenge was like solving a creative puzzle, and I loved it!

I could go on and on about the process of creating a logo that satisfied the initial client goals, but it would sound wonky and boring to most. I'll just share the basic elements that make this logo work.

  • The hour glass shape embodies all of the elements in a simple, intuitive design.
  • The sand of the hourglass makes a perfect five-o-clock shadow. TWH guy is scruffy, yet dignified.
  • The vintage round shape is unique, and thus stands out among other modern podcast graphics. I typically do not like doing round logos, but it was the right shape for this logo

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The Wasted Hour logo