Case Studies

Beautiful Cafe Beignet Ad Enhanced with AI

My last post was published on May 29, and we've been non-stop busy since then. I had just started experimenting with AI tools, and wrote a post about the experience. AI artwork generation has changed a lot in the past seven months, and I just designed my first "AI enhanced" ad this week.

I had the opportunity to work with Café Beignet and Ted's Frostop on a full-page ad for the Tulane Student Directory. I utilized a couple of AI tools to generate a graphic of all four Café Beignet locations as an abstract oil painting.

The original composite image was created by stitching together 20+ pictures to create a scene of all four locations sharing the same block. The composite has a realistic look—after all, it's composed of photos. Using an AI app filter transformed the photos into a surreal, artistic, graphic image. The locations seem magical, and in many ways they are.

The target market, university students, is bombarded with memes, images and videos on their phones and laptops. It's hard to get their attention, but leveraging AI tools helped me create an engaging piece of art.

Abstract graphic showing all four Cafe Beignet locations

I used several methods and multiple generations to get the final product above. I'm super happy with it and looking forward to leveraging AI tools in the future. My take on AI is if you can't adapt, you will be left behind.

You can view the full page ad below.

Cafe Beignet and Ted's Frostop advertisement