Case Studies

Case study: Stafford Tile & Stone website enhancements

Websites can be more than marketing tools

Stafford Tile websiteStafford Tile & Stone has been a great client of ours since 2008, and we built a new website for them in 2012. It's gone through a series of facelifts and upgrades over the years, but it was still mostly a marketing tool. That has changed now since Peggy Stafford contacted us a few months ago with some great new directives. "We need more out of our website. We need for it to be the Stafford Tile location that is always open and always available for our customers."

After three productive meetings and several hours of research, we were able to create a Project Summary outlining the upgrades to be implemented. All of the upgrades were driven by these three directives:

  1. Highlight Stafford Tile's personal service
  2. Let visitors know that Stafford Tile is always open
  3. Provide the showroom experience with new larger home page animation and new tile and stone product pages

We accomplished the directives above by adding these new components.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A frequently asked questions (faqs) and answers page was created with questions and answers provided by the Sales & Design staff with a More Questions? button allowing users to submit questions via email.

  • personal service; always open


Appointment Request Forms

The new Appointment Request Form allows customers to request an appointment with a sales person to discuss a new job. Sales people can also email the form to prospective clients, so the sales people can collect personal information and a job description before the customer comes in for an appointment. This allows sales agents to use the personal time during the appointment more effectively. 

  • personal service; always open


New home page animated photo slider

We created a new animated photo banner with motion effects using existing and new photos from each location and animated text to highlight the personal service, unique designs and exclusive craftsmanship provided by Stafford Tile.

  • personal service; showroom experience; always open 


New Products section

The old site had a main menu item named "Vendors" that customers could use to browse products and get inspiration from Stafford Tile's exclusive vendors websites. The new site keeps visitors on Stafford Tile's website with a "Products" section that includes new product pages for Ceramics, Glass, Natural Stone, Mosaics and other types of tile. Each product page features a collage highlighting the product with detail and finished job images. Finally, visitors are encouraged to "Schedule an Appointment" by clicking the button at the end of the page.

  • showroom experience; always open


New Photography

The upgrade also included new professional photography, by our partner photographer Liz King, of both the New Orleans and Baton Rouge locations and staff.

  • personal service; showroom experience